09 November 2017

Table of Contents Volume 49, Number 4

Internationalization in Conflict-Ridden Societies and Within Migrant Populations

Internationalization in Conflict-Ridden Societies and Within Refugee Populations
Miri Yemini

Traumatized Home and Away: Toward a Framework for Interrogating Policy – Practice Disjunctures for Refugee Students in Higher Education 
Felix Maringe, Emmanuel Ojo & Otilia Chiramba

The Potential and Reality of New Refugees Entering German
Higher Education:
The Case of Berlin Institutions
Bernhard Streitwieser, Lukas Brueck, Rachel Moody &
Margaret Taylor

“When I Am a President of Guinea”: Resettled Refugees Traversing Education in Search of a Future
Sarah Dryden-Peterson & Celia Reddick

“Learning to See the Person, Not the Culture or the Faith”: Critical Reflections on Internationalizing Higher Education in Israel
Sheila Trahar

Internationalization Under Intractable Conflict: The Influence of National Conflict on Israeli Higher Education Institutions’ Internationalization Efforts
Miri Yemini

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