04 June 2024

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Special issue

Global Migration and Urban Education: Making of Race, Space and Place in Changing

Multicultural Cities

Guest Editor

Jamie Lew

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Co-Director of Global Urban Studies, PhD Program

Rutgers University-Newark

In the last several decades, global migration has been transforming the social, economic, and political structures of urban landscape in the Global North. Many of the metropolitan areas in Europe, grounded in colonial legacies and neoliberal economic policies, for instance, continue to be critical sites to examine how global migration intersects with changing demographics, sociopolitical contestation, rising inequality, and political resistance. Education system in European cities, are one of the most significant social systems in this changing, contested, and complex multicultural urban space. In this special issue, we center system of education, both formal and informal, to interrogate how global migration is transforming and being transformed by European cities. Faced with growing diverse populations, racial and ethnic conflicts, state enforced integration policies, and limited financial resources, urban education system represent a pivotal linkage and conflict between individual experiences and changing narratives on the ground, and the larger structural institutional forces of socioeconomic and global inequality. This special issue seeks a broad examination of the integral relationship between global migration and urban education.

We invite empirical, theoretical, policy papers that use wide-ranging and innovative research methods to explore some of the following overarching themes: urban change and education policy; teaching and learning of migrant students in urban schools; social conflicts between native and migrant students and families; experiences of migrant students and teachers in urban education; intergenerational conflicts, relationships, social mobility; discrimination and identities; race, ethnic, gender relations; alliance and coalition building; political organizing and education resistance; transnational social networks and/or education politics; role of government and NGOs in migrant education; urban education reform policy; public and private education and funding; integration and assimilation policies and urban education; historical analysis and case studies of specific cities and schools; relationship between race and space in education; place-making in urban schools and neighborhoods.

Submission guidelines and deadlines:

Manuscripts should be limited to approximately 25 double-spaced pages (not including tables, figures, and references), adhere to APA format, and be submitted as MS WORD documents. Include an abstract of 150 200 words in the beginning of the manuscript. All manuscript submissions should be original work and not previously published. All manuscripts will undergo peer review, and there are no fees. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2024. The special issue is planned for publication in Spring 2025. Please submit manuscripts and any questions directly to the editor (jamielew@rutgers.edu).