01 September 2021

European Education, Volume 53, Issue 1 (2021)


From Content- to Competence-Based Curricula – An Educational Account of Curriculum Policy in Kosovo
Armend Tahirsylaj & Fitore Fazliub


“I’m Always in This Conflict” – Students’ Struggle of Plurilingual Identity Expression, Linguistic Insecurity, and Assimilation in Switzerland’s Higher Education
Anna Becker 


Students Development Conference Genre Knowledge among Estonian Teachers
Halliki Harro-Loit, Meedi Neeme & Karmen Palts


PISA and Education Reform in Europe: Cases of Policy Inertia, Avoidance, and Refraction 
Louis Volante & Don A. Klinger 



Media Review of “Entre Les Murs (the Class)” and “The Hate U Give” Entre les Murs (The Class), 2008, directed by Laurent Cantet. 128 minutes and The Hate U Give, 2018, directed by George Tillman, Jr., 133 minutes

Cathryn Magno & Anna Becker-Cavallin