01 March 2022

European Education, Volume 53, Issue 2 (2021)


Decolonizing “the University” in Europe: Theoretical and Methodological Implications of an Affective Assemblage Approach
Michalinos Zembylas 


Time Allocation of Academics in Ukraine: Degree and Gender Correlates in a Semi-peripheral State Myroslava Hladchenko & Don Westerheijden 


Moving on, Switching Gear or Staying Put: Tracking Social Inequality in Secondary School Pathways in Three European Cities
Elisabeth Hovdhaugen, Isis Vandelannote, Rafael Merino Pareja & Jannick Demanet 


The Republican Nature of Modern Democracy: Implications on Educational Policy
Konstantinos Dedousis, Laura Garcia Raga & Juan de Dios Bares Partal