02 October 2014

Reworking of School Principals’ Roles in the Context of Educational Privatization: A View from Ukraine

Educational privatization created new arrangements for funding, provision, and regulation of educational systems and their various stakeholders worldwide. In "Reworking of school principals' roles in the context of educational privatization," Serhiy Kovalchuk and Svitlana Schudlo examine the driving forces of privatization in the public education of Ukraine, focusing specifically on the professional roles of school principals who have been compelled by state underfunding to search for external private funds to maintain and develop their educational establishments.

Listen to one of the author's of the article, Serhiy Kovalchuk, who discusses the factors driving privatization, offers examples of how these factors have reshaped principals’ professional roles, and explains how the Ukrainian principals have adapted to varying degrees to accept the new professional role of fundraisers. 

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