03 July 2017

Education of Roma Youth in Hungary: Schools, Identities and Belonging

Jekatyerina Dunajeva

This recently published article -- a part of European Education's 2017 special issue (Vol 49, Issue 1) on "A Decade of Roma Inclusion" edited by Christian Br├╝ggemann & Eben Friedman --  analyzes how, historically, schools have been homogenizing institutions that often disadvantaged people of color and ethnic and religious minorities. In this article the author examines Roma education in Hungary, focusing on (re)production of racial identities and the negotiation of ethnic labels. Dunajeva distinguishes two models of education as they relate to ideas of integration, and assess the evolving ethnic labels: “bad Gypsies” and “good Roma.” According to the author, these labels reflect different philosophies of education, and both contain different tensions and challenges.

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