16 July 2013

New Issue Published on Eduction in Post-Soviet Ukraine

We are pleased to announce the publication of European Education Volume 45, Number 1, a special issue which takes up the question of Educational Metamorphoses in Post-Soviet Ukraine.Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine initiated a series of sweeping educational reforms aimed at successfully positioning the newly independent state within the global political and economic arena. This special issue brings together scholars and researchers to explore the broad questions about the trajectories of post-socialist transformations by critically examining the educational metamorphoses in post-Soviet Ukraine. The editors Iveta Silova and Noah W. Sobe note in their introduction that "through multiple research lenses, levels, and sites, the authors engage in a timely discussion of the major changes taking place in the educational system of the post-Soviet Ukraine and their implications for education quality and equity, focusing specifically on such areas of education reforms as the Bologna process, educational  standards, quality, access, and teacher development essential for the development of well-being of Ukrainian youth in and outside of Ukraine." The articles in this issue powerfully demonstrate the excitement and uncertainty of post-Soviet transformations. The impact these transformations have on the lives of Ukrainian teachers, students, and youth is great and this issue of European Education is a wonderful addition to the body of knowledge on this topic. If you would like to read this special issue, you can find out more about subscriptions here.

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